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Training and Skills


Useful Books

  • Rock Climbing Essential Skills and Techniques, Libby Peter 2004 

  • Hillwalking, Steve Long  2014 (3rd Edition) 

  • Navigation in the Mountains, Carlo Forte 2012

  • Leading and Managing Groups In The Outdoors, Ken C. Ogilvie 2005 (2nd Edition)

  • Safety, Risk and Adventure in Outdoor Activities, Bob Barton 2007

  • Nature Of Snowdonia, Mike Raine 2020 (2nd Edition)

  • Rock Trails Series,Paul Gannon 

  • Coaching Adventure Sports, Paul Smith and Dan Wilkinson  2020

Useful Presentations

  • Synoptic Charts - a short presentation that we use on some of our courses.

  • A Brief History of the BMC and Mountain Training

Mobile Apps

Introduction to the BMC and Mountain Training

Free Downloads

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