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Our range of climbing skills courses are all about setting you up for independent, safe adventures.  We pride ourselves in delivering fun, safe learning.  Our team of experienced, qualified instructors are some of the best in the business and are committed to packing you with loads of new ideas, skills and knowledge that will leave you psyched for your next adventure.

This popular course is for climbers with some experience who want to take the next steps to become an independent climber.  Courses run over 2 or 5 days:

2 day course - covers the essentials and is perfect for those with plenty of outdoor experience or experience of leading indoors.  

5 day course - covers all subject areas in depth and gives time for practice and consolidation under the guidance of our qualified instructors.  


  • Selection and use of equipment

  • Guidebooks, crag and route selection

  • Anchor selection and placement

  • Placing runners

  • Building belays

  • Tactics for lead climbing

The perfect course for climbers with some experience wanting to develop their skills and experience.  2 days tailored to your goals and experience.  low ratios and experienced instructors make this ideal for those moving from indoors to outdoors and anyone who has had a day or two out and wants to take the next steps.


Course content is really varied and will usually be agreed at the start of the course, giving you a tailored experience.  Subjects can include:


  • Equipment selection and use

  • Effective belaying

  • Seconding climbs

  • Rigging simple anchor systems

  • Route reading and movement coaching

Sea Cliffs offer an amazing adventure for any climber and the Westcountry is surrounded by some of the most varied rock and routes.

Our Sea Cliff Skills course covers the basics to get you exploring this inspiring and adventurous environment, including:

  • Planning, Weather and Tides

  • Approaches and Abseiling

  • Route Finding

  • Belay Selection and Management

  • Emergencies and Problem Solving

Courses are run on demand,  Please complete the Enquiry Form with your preferred dates.


This one day course is aimed at lead climbers  who want to develop skills and confidence in techniques for when things don't go to plan.  

Course content includes:

  • Techniques to avoid problems

  • tying off a belay plate

  • Selecting and using prussics

  • escaping the system

  • Abseiling with another climber

  • Ascending a rope

Courses are run on demand,  Please complete the Enquiry Form with your preferred dates.


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