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This one day workshop is aimed at reasonable experienced navigators and leaders who have the basics of navigation under their belts.  The aim of the day is to take a deep dive into contours and relief in Hill / Moorland terrain, allowing you to better understand the finer detail of using contours to navigate.  Perfect for those moving towards Hill and Moorland or Mountain Leader Assessments.


Workshop Details

We will meet in a Car Park on the edge of a suitable area.  after some brief introductions and sharing of goals, we will head out onto the hill.  Using specialist mapping and digital devices combined with existing skills in relating map to ground and compass work we will help you to develop the following areas:

  • Identifying large and small relief features.

  • Interpreting contours on the map.

  • Using these features to navigate.

  • Flowing navigation in 'featureless' terrain.


17 August 2024

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