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The Camping Leader Assessment is open to anyone with some camping experience and is ideal for those involved with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and/or Ten Tors training.  (This new award replaces the old Expedition Skills Module).

Run over a single day of assessment with the option to complete an online learning module before attending our course uses a combination of bunkhouse and campsite to deliver an experience full of practical tips, advice and considerations for leading and teaching camping skills.  

We aim to make all of our courses enjoyable and informative.  We also have a policy of making reasonable adjustments to ensure that our courses are as accessible as possible.

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Course Dates

The Camping Leader is an assessment course, typically delivered over 8 hours in a single day. 

The course covers the following:

  • Leadership and Management

  • Planning and Supervision

  • Camping Equipment

  • Camping Food and cooking

The course is very practical and active with discussions and exercises to facilitate learning. We usually include a short expedition.

9 September 2023

16 March 2024

6 April 2024

21 September 2024


Further Information?

You can register for the Camping Leader Award here

The prerequisites for attending the Camping Leader Award are as follows:

  • You must be registered on the Mountain Training Candidate Management System (CMS)

  • You must have logged an absolute minimum of 5 overnight camps; ideally in a variety of contexts

  • You must have assissted with at least two group camps (these can be included in your 5 personal camps)

  • You must have attended an 8 hour first aid course which includes an element of assessment.

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