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This one day workshop offers a flexible syllabus aimed at qualified and trainee Rock Climbing Instructors.  Providing an opportunity to revise, develop and fine tune personal and group skills with input from an experienced Mountain Training Course Director; It is ideal for those approaching assessment, who have had a break from instructing or would like to update their skills.  The workshop will be led by an experienced Mountain Training course director with ratios not exceeding 1:4 to ensure you get the most from your time with us.  

Workshop Dates

16 August 2024

26 April 2025

2 August 2025

Quote your MTA number on the booking form for your discount


Workshop Details

We will usually start the day looking at individual goals and action plans over a coffee before heading out to implement your plan.  We will help you to select venues and provide tasks and questions to help you to develop your chosen skill areas.  

Popular subject areas include:

  • Efficient Rigging

  • Problem avoidance and solving

  • Tips for teaching skills

  • Confident personal climbing

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