COVID-19: What Action We Are Taking...


General Statement

Since Mid-March 2020 we, like the whole world, severely impacted by the onset of the global pandemic.  This page aims to set out our intent for the future and how we hope to achieve that.  The situation will continue to evolve and the measures set out below will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Our Intent

We feel it is important in such uncertain times that, we reiterate our transparency and openness with our clients, colleagues in order that all parties can make well informed decisions that help everyone remain safe and are right for them.

We will take all reasonable measures to manage the safety of our clients and staff throughout the current crisis.  We will use the guidance provided by the UK Government, Association of Mountaineering Instructors, British Mountaineering Council, Mountain Training and other relevant bodies to inform our decisions and actions. 

What Action Are We Taking?

  1. We will only accept bookings from clients declared free from contact with or presenting COVID-19 symptoms for 21 days prior to the booked date.

  2. Late cancellations will not incur penalties if due to COVID-19.  We will also also reserve the right to late cancellation due to COVID-19.  In such cases alternative dates or a refund of monies paid will be given.

  3. Course ratios will be limited to current UK Government guidance.

  4. Our courses will run outdoors only, observing social distancing except where safety requires intervention.

  5. Hand washing and sanitation facilities will be provided at the start, during and end of sessions / days.

  6. Equipment will, where possible, be individually issued for the duration of the course,

  7. Equipment will be disinfected in line with manufacturers recommendations to prevent transmission.

  8. Activities will be managed to maximise safety while minimising the potential for transmission of COVID-19.

  9. We will be adapting our courses to ensure you continue to get the best possible experience, this may, for example, include pre- and post-course remote conferencing and online learning resources, 

  10. Where a safety intervention is essential (e.g. accident requiring first aid) staff will have the skills and equipment to deal appropriately with the incident as safely as possible for all concerned

What Will We Ask of You?

  1. We will ask you to complete a COVID-19 declaration prior to attending any course.

  2. To bring a suitable face covering and hand sanitiser with you, sufficient for the duration of the course.

  3. We will , of course, ask you to observe social distancing and other safety measures in place.

  4. To feedback any observations you may have on our new ways of working; after all, we're all learning!


  1. This from must be completed within 24hrs of the course start.  forms submitted before this will not be accepted

  2. Participants who have not completed a form will not be permitted to join the course.

  3. Please read all the information on this page prior to completing the form.

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