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Coaching Adventure Sports - Book Review

This book captures modern thinking, practical tips and an actionable coaching process in a way I haven't seen combined before; a recommended read fro anyone wishing to develop their coaching, instructing or leadership skills at any level.

Well laid out, the book lends itself to being dipped into section by section for reference as much as an end to end read. Chapters including; Learning, The Coaching Process, Relationships and Coach Development. Each section is also enhanced with some Further Reading options.

A selection of real examples are used to illustrate and bring to life the various concepts in an easy to relate to way. diagrams and images are used to enhance and explain in a useful and balanced way.

Tasks throughout the book give you ideas on practices you can experiment with or incorporate into your own coaching to develop your skills and awareness.

Overall this is a great addition to my own library and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who works or volunteers in the adventure sector, wants to improve or broaden their repertoire of skills and generally get better at developing others.

You can order a copy on the Cordee website here:

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