Team Coaching

Are you looking to develop your team effectiveness.  We offer a range of creative solutions from one off events to long term accredited development programmes; providing you with consultation and a level of sophistication which extends beyond our outdoor image.  Below are a few examples or simply Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

In 2007 we were asked to provide an induction event for the University of Exeter.  The result was an event that involved 2 large marquees, nearly 2400 first year students and 40 staff, 22 days of delivery and 32 B&Q buckets!  The event was a success and ran for a further 5 years and is stilll a topic of conversation today.


Today we continue to support the University with innovative coaching programmes.  We continue to provide induction events  which support the integration of new students while providing skills and experience thatalso applies to the post graduate workplace.

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