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Headgames Talk

perhaps your organisation or club would like to know some more about the headgame and how to master it?


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Gavin has availability for coaching sessions at The Barn, Plymouth Life Centre and The Quay Climbing Centre.  details here.

Headgames Workshop

Our next headgames workshop will run on WATCH THIS SPACE!



1:1 Coaching with Gavin Kelly - GB Paraclimbing mindset and performance coach.


1:1 coaching can be an awesome investment in time and effort to develop your climbing.  Most climbing coaches will focus on giving you tools techniques and exercises that will develop your climbing ability and strength therefore becoming a better climber. 


Having a complete set of tools doesn't make you a craftsman.


What is subtly different about my coaching is that we will start with your capacity to understand and become accutely aware of your own climbing; what motivates you, how you think and respond in various climbing situations. As you develop your awareness you will find it easy to choose the tools and techniques that suit you for any situation you encounter - and so in the long term will require less coaching.  Naturally you will expand your toolbox as your requirement for new skils and techniques develop, but the emphasis will always be on how to be a master at your craft!


1:1 coaching is by arrangement, please contact us.

What people say about our coaching...


"...helped me find a way of finding a calm place mentally and more importantly, a way of quickly getting to it in a moments notice... ...This has been a game changer for my competition climbing."  Dave Bowes - GB Paraclimbing Team/ GB Ice Climbing Team athlete.

Headgames Workshops


Our headgames workshops have proved popular for climbers wanting to develop their overall climbing performance.  We explore the mindset of success and offer real solutions to common headgame battles such as doubt, anxiety and fear while ensuring you retain the ability to make clear effective decisions that will keep you and your partners safe.

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